Elegant Halloween Costumes and Makeup

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Just a few days to Halloween and have you not decided how to disguise yet? Traditionally Halloween costumes are modeled after supernatural figures such as ghosts, witches, monsters, devils and vampires. Over time, in the USA the costume selection extended to include popular characters from fiction, celebrities and generic archetypes such princesses. 

Here you are some proposal of costumes you can buy, characters that you can play with everyday-clothes and some elegant Halloween makeup suggestions. Happy Halloween!

Elegant Halloween Makeup

These elegant makeup solutions will give you a glamorous touch for Halloween too. Morticia Addams is always a must! 

Elegant Halloween Makeup selected by www.arianasoffici.com
Elegant Halloween Makeup selected by www.arianasoffici.com

DIY costumes

Let's start with a unisex costume. To become Superman or Supergirl all you need is a white shirt, a black blazer, a pair of glasses and a Superman T-shirt!

Superman Disguise
Superman Disguise

If you don't have time to prepare a costume for Halloween, don't worry! You can easily be a cute cat with a total black look and a pair of ears. If you prefere you can be a sexy cat wearing something bolder...Meow!

Cute Cat Outfit total black www.arianasoffici.com
Cute Cat Outfit total black

This is "The" Celebrity costume: Marylin Monroe with her unforgettable white dress. If you want to feel sexy instead of spooky this is the costume for you!

Marylin Monroe White Dress
Marylin Monroe White Dress

If your dream when you were a child was to travel around the world, this is your costume! You can wear the Pan Am Stewardess costume and fly with your imagination through this magic night!

Pan Am Stewardess costume
Pan Am Stewardess costume

Are you fascinated by old style costumes? The 20's flapper dress that we have seen in the Great Gatsby movie and the Countess of the castle costume are right for you!

20's Flap dress & Countess of the Castle Costumes
20's Flapper dress & Countess of the Castle Costumes


Do you already know what disguise you are going to wear? Post a photo of you with your costume on the page www.facebook.com/arianasoffici.official with the hashtag #arianatvhalloween until the 2nd of November 2016. The chosen photo will be published here on my blog and shared on all Social Media! Here you are the last year beautiful winners and some of the participants: www.arianasoffici.com/lifestyle-en/halloween-contest-winner
Enjoy and may the best win!


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