Black Friday & Cyber Monday Amazon 2015

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During these days everybody is talking about Black Friday, but many still wonder what it is. As our friend Wikipedia says "Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Traditionally Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season."


Black Friday,, cyber monday, deal, bargain, sales, sale, offers, amazon, record
Black Friday Sale -

The major retail chains in this day offer attractive promotions in order to boost sales. For this reason it seems that, among the many who shop during Black Friday in the USA, many even spend the night outside the store of interest, waiting for the doors to open.  


Black Friday,, cyber monday, deal, bargain, sales, sale, offers, amazon, record
Black Friday crowd in the USA -

Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Black Friday: it is a Monday of great discounts dedicated to electronics products and offers exclusively online. The term Cyber Monday was used for the first time in 2005 by the American National Retail Federation, establishing in fact a day of special discounts on the web. 

Black Friday,, cyber monday, deal, bargain, sale, sales, offers, amazon, record
Cyber Monday Sale -

Online retailer Amazon says it had its biggest sales day in the UK as shoppers rushed to buy bargains on Black Friday. The UK version of the website sold more than 7.4m items while other retailers had problems with web sales due to huge demand. Retail analysts said online sales were estimated to have passed £1bn on a single day for the first time. (BBC News)

Who knows what will happen during the Cyber Monday! And you have already jumped at some super deal? Take a look down here and surely you'll find something for you. Enjoy! 


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